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  • wow!! this exquisite hotel.. situated opposite the Mediterranean and the missile launchers aimed at israel cities!!!! what a beautiful contrast of antique.... missiles and being blown up by the tanks! i highly recomend

    • jason al-jabril
  • Love the room deco and all, the view from the room was a bonus. Had a pleasant stay, thank you

    • azura mohd noor
  • I stayed in this beautiful hotel four nights during the Gaza-marathon event. It was lovely, the staff very helpful and nice. The rooms are exellent. And the food very good. Thank you. Naiti del Sante from Sweden.

    • Naiti del Sante
  • The AlMathaf left me speechless, extra-ordinary rooms blended with ancient artifacts and the food, what can i say, best food i have ever eaten. Thank you

    • Patrick Dead
  • What a lovely place to stay in

    • ohood kishawe
  • this is the best restaurant and hotel i swear uhhhhh just wow this is so cool

    • john anderson
  • Great place, highly recommended if its your first time in Gaza = ). Almathaf serves great food, that ranges from traditional to western cuisines! Very friendly and experienced staff. Comfortable, spacious, and gorgeous hotel rooms! My stay can be summed up in one word: Perfect....

    • Lynn McMahon
  • جد المتحف احلي مطعم بكككل غزه> ولا بعيد ولا اشي> بالعكس هو بمنطقه هااااديه و بعيده عن الناس و السيارات والزحمه و قريب علي البحر الهادي. الاكل ممتاز و يا عينيي علي تشكيله المشاوي يا سلاااام. انا اوجه خالص التحيه والشكر لاداره المتحف و خصوصا للمدير العام ابو راغب لتقديمه افضل خدمه و جعلني انا و اهلي نشعر بالبيت.

    • عمر الشوا
  • يمكن ارسال رسالة ل للحصول على اسعار الغرف

    • Admin
  • المكان ممتاز و الاكل رائع خصوصا التشيكين بوليه و الخدمه سريعه و محترفه..

    • محمود أبو شهله