On a small hill overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in Gaza stands “AlMat'haf” (Arabic for “The Museum”, pronounced AlMat'haf), a luxurious Hotel and cultural center that showcases Gaza’s rich historical past and seamlessly blends it into the context of life in modern Gaza.

AlMat'haf Hotel is designed to show the beauty of Gaza’s local traditions and archeological and cultural history. Featuring 34 spacious guestrooms, including 6 elegant suites (2 presidential and 4 royal suites, ranging between 60-150 sqm), most rooms and suites also have private balconies. All rooms in Al Mathaf are furnished and equipped to match the highest hospitality standards and the whole hotel overlooks a stunning view of the Mediterranean Sea to ensure that you have an unforgettable experience in Gaza.

Your visit to AlMat'haf will expose you not only to the rich cultural heritage of Gaza but also to the warm hospitality, beautiful scenery and outstanding services that characterize the spirit of Al-Mathaf.  It is this spirit that will make you see for yourself why the late Palestinian poet, Mahmoud Darwish, said that “We have on this land what makes life worth living.”